What Is Trickle Charging & RV Solar Panels?

What is Trickle Charging & RV Solar Panels?

There is certainly a cultural shift happening with everyone wanting to go green and use green energy. RV’s are the latest to receive the ‘save energy’ overhaul with the addition of RV solar panels. There are two ways to turn your RV into a green machine.

Trickle Charging

People who own RVs know that even when their RV is parked and not being used that their battery is still losing power. How would you prevent this from happening? An RV solar trickle charger. They are about the size of a dinner plate and once connected to your battery, you place the panel in the sun where it uses its magical sun voodoo to keep your battery fully charged and ready to go.

RV Solar Panel

An RV Solar Panel is a solar panel that is installed onto the top of your RV; the panels use the sun’s energy to generate power to your RV. The great advantage about an RV solar panel is the ability to charge all of your electrical devices from dusk till dawn, silently and without requiring any fuel or maintenance. There are many components to finding the ideal RV solar panel for your recreational vehicle.

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3 Top RV Accessories


  1. Solar Panels: Would you like to save money on your RV energy costs? Installing solar panels is a great way to produce alternative energy and lower overall costs.
  2. Cooler/Warmer: Are you a big RV entertainer? Investing in a cooler/warmer unit is a versatile way to store either cool or warm items, for any kind of party, anytime.
  3. Spotlights: Do you want to be able to see you friends and family at night on your RV trip? Having a spotlight handy is a great way to brighten dark nights.


Are you looking for new accessories to improve your RV? Boats & RV Accessories offers quality RV accessories, at fair prices, to keep your road trips fun and festive.

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3 Reasons to Take an RV Road Trip


  1. No lodging needed – A road trip with an RV cuts so many costs. You’re driving in your lodging, so you never need to spend money on a motel. If you have multiple drivers, you can stay moving by taking shifts.
  2. Convenience – Most RVs have built in restrooms, so you’ll never need to stop for anything other than gas. You also have more space for everyone in the vehicle, so people can move around as they please.
  3. Fun – With tables in the back of the RV, road trips are more fun! You can play board games or do some arts and crafts.

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